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Entrepreneurs in Uganda are creating pathways out of poverty and rebuilding their communities. We have an opportunity to help by supporting the Uganda Enterprise Fund at Partners Worldwide.



Lessons learned from Christans In Business micro-entrepreneur training program (pdf).

Videos on Uganda entrepreneurs:

  • Timothy Jokkene (view)
  • Livingstone Mukasa (view)

The small business curriculum written by Reconxile and used by Christians In Business is available here.

Purchase the Partners Worldwide book My Business/My Mission by Doug Seebeck and Timothy Stoner here.





We believe that entrepreneurs are the key to the future.

In countries like Uganda the entrepreneurs are the ones who are identifying opportunities, overcoming problems, building businesses, creating jobs, and transforming their communities. Our job is to find ways to help them do so, such as by providing funds training. We believe the best way to do this is by supporting the activities of Partners Worldwide, and in particular its Uganda Enterprise Fund.

Partners Worldwide is a faith based organization which connects business people and other professionals in North America with small entrepreneurs in developing countries for the purpose of finding business and market based solutions to poverty. Its Uganda Enterprise Fund provides funds for micro-entrepreneur and small business loans and for entrepreneurial training programs.


More information about Partners Worldwide can be found at www.partnersworldwide.org

The Center for Faith and Enterprise has supported three programs in particular:

Training for small scale food processors: In 2010 a two day seminar was organized for small scale food processors in Kampala at Makerere University. More information is available here.

Training for micro-entrepreneurs: The training, which was developed by Reconxile in the U.K., consists of twenty hours of instruction spread over four Saturdays. The participants are given homework assignments which involve analyzing their businesses. More information is available here.

Talanta Finance is a Gulu based (and Ugandan owned) finance agency which provides loans to small and medium size entrepreneurs in nothern Uganda. More information is available here.


Succss Story: Aloysius K.



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Aloysius K. was orphaned at a young age and left to find food for two younger sisters and a younger brother, Partners Worldwide affiliate leader Timothy J. brought Aloysius in and found him an apprenticeship with an experienced tailor. When Aloysius was 18, Timothy gave him an old sewing machine and six months worth of rent on a small shop. Since that time, Aloysius has become a successful entrepreneur. Today he is 27 and has eleven employees and ten machines (and a wife, two baby daughters, and a home).

Entrepreneurs like Aloysius and Timothy are building the future in Uganda.


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