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We are guided by the following philosophy:

1) Properly understood and pursued, business enterprise is a value producing activity and in fact is the primary engine for economic development and materially improved lives (assuming relatively free and healthy markets). This should have positive theological significance for Christians.

2) Business effectiveness is heavily dependent on networks of collaboration and collaborative relationships. Therefore, the ethics, values, and practices promoted by the Christian faith can play an important role in the development of personal, organizational, and business effectiveness. We acknowledge, however, that developing and maintaining what we think of as Christian character is a continuing challenge.

3) Free markets are generally superior to government controlled economic activity not just because of economic efficacy but also because free markets allow and encourage a fuller flowering of human potential.

4) Free, healthy markets require a moral foundation if they are to survive over the long term. This requires a culture which encourages honesty, fair dealing, and thrift. Government action cannot take the place of a healthy culture.

5) The key to ending poverty is not attempting to redistribute wealth but rather helping the poor to create new wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities as they act as entrepreneurs, employers, and employees in the marketplace.

6) While we cannot disagree with our fellow Christians who speak of the fallenness of the world and the pervasiveness of sin, we would rather think and act in more eschatologically hopeful terms. We would prefer to see ourselves as participating in God’s creative work and therefore intend to work with a realistic sense of hope and purpose.



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