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New Class

The Center for Faith and Enterprise is working with the New Theological Seminary of the West to offer a seminary level class called Spirituality for Busy People. The class will meet on seven Tuesday evenings near Pasadena, California, and will begin on September 23. More information, including a class description, is available here.

Information about the New Theological Seminary of the West is available at NTSWest.org.

Uganda Entrepreneurs

Our friend Livingstone Mukasa will be visiting the West Coast from Uganda in November. Livingstone is a Ugandan entrepreneur and runs a training program for small entrepreneurs in Uganda. If you would like to meet Livingstone or hear him speak, please send us a note here.

Spiritual Practices Retreat?

We are considering conducting another Spiritual Practices for the Active Work Life Retreat this fall. If you are interested in attending or hosting, please let us know here.







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