Spiritual Practices for Your Work Life

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Retreat Agenda:

Introduction, objectives

Module I. Practical overview of spiritual practices from spiritual, physical, and psychological perspectives (including small group discussion).

Module II. Ignatian Meditation for the Active Life: introduction, meditation exercise, debrief, related practices.

Module III. Short practices that can keep us focused when little or no time is available.

Module IV: Single Point Meditation and Centering Prayer: Introduction/usefulness, meditation exercise, debrief.

Module V. Wrap up discussion about which practices seem to be most useful, and how to incorporate into daily life.






Update: The recent spiritual practices retreat was well received. It was held March 16, 2013 at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, and was hosted by Fuller's Max De Pree Center for Leadership. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Spiritual practices can help us in our work.

They can help us find a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, and effectiveness in our work. By turning our attention to God through practices involving prayer and meditation, we can hope to develop a deeper sense of mission in our day to day work that will inform, focus, and energize us. In times of crisis and stress particular spiritual practices can also help calm our anxieties so that we can think and act with greater clarity and wisdom.

The Center for Faith and Enterprise is offering a series of events that will help the participants explore and experiment with a variety of spiritual practices, primarily those involving prayer and meditation. Different people respond differently to different practices; this retreat is designed to help the participants explore and experience several different practices so that they can determine for themselves which ones will be most useful given their personal situation. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss the practices they have found most helpful in the past.

The next event will provide an overview of a range of practices, actual experience with two very different forms of Christian meditation (Ignation Meditation and a form of Single Point Contemplation), and a discussion of various short practices that can keep us grounded and focused on busy days when we have little or no time.

The retreats are led by Rob Tribken, Chairman of the Center for Faith and Enterprise, and Shelley Irvine, Director of Spiritual Guiance Ministries at La Canada Presbyterian Church. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a retreat or would like to be on hte mailing list for future reteats: retreat@faithandenterprise.org or call 626.355.8489.

Comments from past retreats:

“A great way to spend the day to learn the tools needed and refresh, rejuvenate and reenergize for the work week ahead (spiritual nourishment for the soul).” (RS)

“Meditation is a very useful spiritual practice.  I learned a lot about it at the retreat and look forward to the benefits at work and in life’s journey. “ (JW)

“Very eye opening.  The pleasure of sitting with God is greatest privilege on earth.” (JF)

“God’s message of love and compassion is ever present in this world and in our hearts.  We are given ways to turn the divine radio on and fine tune the channel (this is not elevator music).” (PE)

“This one day of learning will go with me into the everyday life in such a way that I will be able to be more mindful of God’s presence and respond with less anxiety and more confidence that I am not alone.”  (Anon)


I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)










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