Spiritual Practices for Your Work Life


Featured Practice: Lectio Divina Download a free paper describing this traditional meditative way to read scripture. Lectio Divina (sacred hearing) was developed in monasteries and can lead us into a deeper, more mystical engagement with scripture. The paper is available here.

Spiritual Practices for Your Work Life: Our most recent retreat was held on March 16, 2013 at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. More information here.

Small Group Curriculum: Transforming Work: Faith and Spirituality in the Context of Business. Excerpts from the Transforming Work manual, including the Introduction and First Session here.Like to try the full Transforming Work manual (beta version) for free? Click here and we will send you a free copy (we hope you will give us feedback after reviewing).

Weekday Prayer Meetings: The Fulton Street Prayer Meetings: Lessons for Today An analysis of the Fulton Street prayer meetings, with possible lessons for today, can be found here.

Speakers and retreat leaders are available for the following related topics (contact us):

  • Spiritual Practices for the Active Life
  • Developing a Sense of Calling: Secular, Spiritual, and Religious Aproaches
  • Ignatian Meditation for the Active Life




Spiritual practices can help us in our work.

They can help us find a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, and effectiveness in our work. By turning our attention to God through practices involving prayer and meditation, we can hope to develop a deeper sense of mission in our day to day work that will inform, focus, and energize us. In times of crisis and stress particular spiritual practices can also help calm our anxieties so that we can think and act with greater clarity and wisdom.

To help people utilize spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation in their work, the Center for Faith and Enterprise offers the following resources:


We conduct retreats (Spiritual Practices for Your Work Life) designed to help the participants explore and experiment with a variety of spiritual practices, primarily those involving prayer and meditation. Different people respond differently to different practices; our retreats are designed to help the participants explore and experience several different practices so that they can determine for themselves which ones will be most useful given their personal situation. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss the practices they have found most helpful in the past.

To receive notification of future retreatsor to inquire about hosting a retreat, please contact us at retreats@faithandenterprise.org or 626.355.8489.

The Fulton Street Prayer Meetings: Lessons for Today

By Rob Tribken (article). A key driver of the revival of 1858-1859 was the pattern of noon prayer meetings conducted during the week in business districts. Is there a lesson in this for today? A report on the Fulton Street model is here. If your group or church would be interested in workday pray and meditation gatherings, let us know here.

Transforming Work: Faith and Spirituality in the Context of Business

This is a small group curriculum designed to help people explore the connection between their work, their faith, and their spirituality, and in particular to understand and conduct their work in business as a an important calling from the perspective of their faith. The program consists of ten sessions, each 60 to 90 minutes in length, and is designed to delve into the concrete workplace issues faced by the participants.  The program is based on the understanding that if our faith does not support, encourage, and inform our work, then our work will probably not be as purposeful, effective, and satisfying as it should be. Download a sample here; contact us for a trial copy here.

Preparing Leaders for Crisis: The Role of Theological Education

By Rob Tribken (article). An argument is made for the value of leaders developing a theological perspective, and for the possible role of theological education in contributing to the formation of effective leaders. Download here.







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