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Information about the Uganda Entrepreneur Training program here

Recap: Small Food Processors Conference (Kampala, Uganda) here


Lessons learned from Christians In Business micro-entrepreneur training program in Uganda (pdf).

Videos on Uganda entrepreneurs:

  • Timothy Jokkene/Partners Worldwide (view)
  • Livingstone Mukasa (view)

The small business curriculum written by Reconxile and used by Christians In Business is available here.

Purchase the Partners Worldwide book My Business/My Mission by Doug Seebeck and Timothy Stoner here.

Speakers are available on the following related topics (contact us):

  • Business as Mission
  • Markets and Enterprise Solutions to Poverty
  • Charity Gone Wrong
  • Suppressing Small Entrepreneurs, Killing Opportunity: When Will We Learn?



People who escape poverty generally do so through business enterprise -- they start businesses, work for businesses, or have a relative that does well in business. Moreover, in countries or regions in which a very large number of people have been able to leave poverty over a relatively short period of time, the primary factor has been a change in the prospects for enterprise such as market liberalization or improved access to trade.

The question then is how best can we use enterprise to end poverty? The following papers and links have been selected because we believe they provide insights into this question.

Interview with a Lemonade Bootlegger
By Fred Bastiason. Interview with a very young but street smart entrepreneur about the challenges of dealing with government interference and the negative effect this has on jobs and economic progress. Might be apocryphal. Available here.

Rethinking Business as Mission
Rob Tribken, Chairman of the Center for Faith and Enterprise, presents the case for placing Business as Business at the center of the Business as Mission movement. Download here.

Helping Small Entrepreneurs in Uganda: Lessons Learned
By Michael Spence. A review of two programs established by business person andsocial entrepreneur Livingstone Mukasa to help small entrepreneurs in Uganda, with an emphasis on the lessons to be learned. The paper is based in part on the interview which can be seen here.

The Rights of Small Entrepreneurs as a Social Justice Issue
By Rob Tribken.  Throughout the world, governments take actions that suppress the efforts of entrepreneurs to build businesses that support their families and improve their lives.  This article looks at examples from both Tunisia and Los Angeles, beginning with the bureaucratic actions that led to the self immolation of Tunisian entrepreneur Mohammed Bouizizi and the launch of the Arab Spring. Available here.

The Omnivore's Delusion: Against the Agri-Intellectuals
Missouri farmer Blake Hurst writes on the subject of modern agriculture and its critics.This article and others can be found here.

Institute for Justice
The Institute for Justice advocates on behalf of human rights, and especially for entrepreneurs being suppressed by government action. Examples and solid research can be found at their site.






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