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  • Ministering to People in Business
  • The Social Policy of the Ecumenical Councils: A Rebuttal


The Fulton Street Prayer Meetings: Lessons for Today (download)

Transforming Work: Faith and Spirituality in the Context of Business (sample)



There are exceptions, but we believe that many churches could more effectively minister to the vocational aspects of people's lives -- especially of those members of the congregation who are involved with business. The Center for Faith and Enterprise intends to help churches and church leaders fill this gap with programs designed to help people connect their faith and their work.

Small Group Curriculum:

The Transforming Work: Faith and Spirituality in the Context of Business program is a small group curriculum which provides groups of people with an opportunity to explore the connection between their work, their faith, and their spirituality, and in particular to understand and conduct their work in business as a an important calling from the perspective of their faith. The program consists of ten sessions, each 60 to 90 minutes in length, and is designed to delve into the concrete workplace issues faced by the participants.

The program is based on the understanding that if our faith does not support, encourage, and inform our work, then our work will probably not be as purposeful, effective, and satisfying as it should be.

Mid-Week Prayer and Meditation:

The Center has long been interested in the example set by the Fulton Street Prayer Meetings that sparked the revival of 1857-1858. The Fulton Street meetings, which eventually involved hundreds of thousands of business and trades people in cities across the United States, were organized and led by business people. These prayer meetings were held at noon during the work week at locations near heavy concentrations of businesses. More information is available in the CFE paper The Role of the Fulton Street Prayer Meetings in the Revival of 1857/1858 and the Lessons for Today, available here.

We are scouting locations in Los Angeles where we can host a series of noon prayer meetings inspired by the Fulton Street model and modified for our current culture. If you are interested in participating, either as a church or as an individual, please send us an email here.

Spiritual Practices for the Active Work Life:

The Center offers a retreat designed to help people learn about, and experience, practices involving prayer and meditation that can help them in their work. More information is available here.










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